🐦 005: NHSx awards £50M and there's a new sheriff in town

The 1 minute healthtech roundup

Hey friends,

This week, NHSx awards £50M to 42 AI projects, a new healthtech hub in Birmingham and Biofourmis snags £100M from Softbank 💯

News Bites 🥪

💰 The NHSx Artificial Intelligence Award: 42 projects awarded £50M

🤠 The Wild West of AI clinical trials is over – there’s a new sheriff in town

🏥 Deloitte launches new healthtech hub in Birmingham

🤖 £32M given to walk-through cancer diagnoses and robotics muscles (+ others) by UK gov

💊 Biofourmis (digital therapeutics) snags £100M from Softbank

📱 Doctors and Nurses Take to TikTok to Fight Covid Myths

What to Listen to 🔊

The Health-tech Podcast — #129: The Story of Alexa Group, with Nicholas Kelly

Nicholas is the chairman of Axela Group. He’s had senior leadership roles in the LinkedIn and Apple application development teams — and has now shifted his focus towards healthtech. Oh, and he’s also a fighter pilot 🛩

His top tips for healthtech entrepreneurs:

👩‍⚕️ Have a clinician in your team

⚙️ Think about your product/service within the bigger system

❌ Move fast and break things doesn’t work in healthtech

Psssttt… healthtech startups 👂

Applications for the NHS Innovation Accelerator and the P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator Programme opened this week 🤑

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