🐦 #009: NHS pilots lung cancer AI

The 1 minute healthtech roundup

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This week, Southampton NHS Trust pilots AI to detect lung cancer, Sway Medical raises $4.2M and London ranked #3 in global healthtech funding hubs.

News Bites 🥪

🤖 Southampton NHS Trust piloting AI to detect lung cancer

🧠 Sway Medical (mobile neurological assessment) receives $4.2M

📈 Startup hiring is booming again

🌍 Beijing, Toronto and London are top #3 global healthtech funding hubs

🏥 Microsoft Teams takes over the NHS

📚 A really neat Twitter thread: the four cardinal rules of statistics

What to Listen to 🔊

The Health-tech Podcast —#137: The Story of Oxford Sciences Innovation with Alex Hammacher

Alex is Head of Corporate Finance at Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI) and a former physician. OSI is the world’s largest university-partnered venture firm. They work with the University of Oxford to build companies that create fundamental technologies: science-based businesses capable of tackling the planet’s toughest problems…

Faces of Digital Health Podcast — Digital Health in South America: Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Argentina

With so much focus on the West — what’s happening in digital health in South America?

Psssttt… some funding 💰

£100,000 is up for grabs in the Small Business Research Initiative competition (funded by NHS Scotland) for next generation home vision testing 👁

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