🐦 #010: FemTech, MenTech and VC 💶⬇️

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This week, raises in FemTech, MenTech and smoking cessation (+ more). The big four lock their sights on health insurance and VC investment down 12% in Europe.

News Bites 🥪

👩🏻‍🦳 FemTech Startup, Privy, launches innovative bladder leakage product

👨🏽 MenTech Startup, Numan, raises €11m to help men to tackle issues such as erectile dysfunction, hair loss and premature ejaculation

🏥 Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple lock their sights on health insurance

🚬 Imperial-founded QuitGenius: shown to be effective for smoking cessation

📝 Abridge gets $15M for AI clinical transcripts

📉 VC Investment down 12% in Europe

🐐 Two AI thought leaders lock horns. Michael Hoffman writes critique of Google’s cancer-detecting AI. Luke Oakden-Rayner critiques Hoffman’s critique

What to Listen to 🔊

The Health-tech Podcast — #139: The Story of Johnson & Johnson with Erin Mceachren 👁

James talks to Erin McEachren, Regional Vice President for Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision, leading the team to address the unmet needs of patients and eye care professionals around the world…

Digital Health Today — #107: To Bot or Not to Bot? The Rise of AI Chatbots in Healthcare in the Wake of COVID-19

Dan Kendall talks to Dr John Reeves, global expert in the application of conversational AI to healthcare…

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