🐦 #016: Smart Ambulances, Psychedelics and Women in Academia

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This week, smart ambulances rolled out in the UK after successful trial, Psychedelic drug developer raises $125M and a controversial study published in Nature Communications.

News Bites 🥪

🚑 Smart ambulance service rolling out in UK, after successful trial in NHS Trust

🍄 Psychedelic drug developer, Atai raises $125M. Investors include Paypal-founder Peter Thiel

🇨🇳 Beijing illness crowdfunding platform, Waterdrop raises $230M

🇬🇧 UK Spending Review: “long-term investment in the NHS will rise by £2.3bn to invest in new technology to improve the patient experience”

👩 Controversial study published in Nature Communications finds": “Female scientists…may benefit from opposite-gender mentorships in terms of their publication potential and impact throughout their post-mentorship careers” — receives backlash

♥️ Remote cardiology platform, AliveCor raises $65M

What to Listen to 🔊

The Health-Tech Podcast — #55 The Story of Radiology AI with Dr. Hugh Harvey

How do you build an AI company in healthcare? What can AI in radiology actually do? What should it be doing? Are clinicians ever going to be replaced? What does the future look like in healthcare AI?

The Health Foundation Podcast — What should nanny do next? The government and obesity

Obesity in the UK is on the up. What should the Government's role be in tackling it? Includes discussion from Dame Sally Davis.

Opportunities 💰

1️⃣ Google Health is looking for a Senior Product Manager

2️⃣ NHSX Innovator's Virtual Engagement Event — 8th Dec 2020

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