🐦 #017: Largest Ever Rare Disease Diagnosis Programme

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This week, the UK launches the largest ever rare disease diagnosis programme, 5 fundraising myths and what can health data scientists learn from Rick & Morty?

News Bites 🥪

🧬 UK launches largest ever NHS rare disease diagnosis programme

📱 WELL Health raises $45M

🙅‍♀️ 5 Fundraising Myths

👽 What can health data scientists learn from Rick & Morty?

📝 Prestige Journals Remain Elite, Exclusive And Exclusionary

What to Listen to 🔊

The Health-tech Podcast: #153: The Story of Doccla, with Dag Larsson

Doccla uses the latest wearable devices to allow medical staff to monitor the vital signs of a patient remotely. Its virtual wards allow NHS trusts to reduce the number of vulnerable patients required to remain in hospital, increasing capacity to look after patients…

The Emotion Lab Podcast — VR and Mental Health

How is VR being used to treat people suffering from mental health conditions?

Opportunities 💰

1️⃣ Pear Bio are looking for a Machine Vision Engineer

2️⃣ Applications open for the AI for Good Accelerator Programme (Microsoft)

3️⃣ NHSX Innovator’s Virtual Engagement Event

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