🐦 #026: Space surgeons

The 1 minute healthtech roundup

Hey friends.

This week, SpaceX are looking for a Flight Surgeon, Lyra raises another $187M and Mark Cuban’s pharma play.

News Bites 🥪

🧠 Lyra (behavioural therapy) raises another $187M

💊 Mark Cuban plans low cost generic drugs with pharma startup

👨‍🏫 TimelyMD (telehealth for universities) raises $60M

🤖 BMJ AI Trial for acute kidney injury shows AI adds no benefit

📈 5 Digital Health trends to watch according to investors

What to Listen to 🔊

The Health-tech Podcast — #170: The story of Tictrac

Martîn Blinder is the CEO and founder of Tictrac — a personalised digital health and wellness platform designed to empower individuals to take greater control of their wellbeing…

Opportunities 💰

1️⃣ SpaceX are looking for a Flight Surgeon 👀

2️⃣ Suvera Health are hiring a Product Engineer

3️⃣ DigitalHealth.London are looking for a NHS Navigator