🐦 #45: Data and AI the 🔑 to pandemic preparedness?

Hey friends,

This week, leaders at the G7 summit have called for systematic data sharing to better prepare for future pandemics, whilst a Nature Digital Medicine study has identified key use cases for AI and pandemic preparedness. And would you rather see your doctor in-person or online in a post-COVID world…?

News Bites 🥪

📱 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) management app Monogram Health nets $160m in Series B funding

🗣️ San Jose start-up Mendel Health, which uses natural language processing to interpret medical records, has raised $18m in Series A funding

🌎 Report from G7 Summit calls for systematic data collection and sharing for future pandemic preparedness

🏥 HIMSS’ State of Healthcare report suggests majority of patients keen to return to brick-and-mortar post-COVID

🦠 npj Digital Medicine paper identifies six key use cases for AI and pandemic preparedness

🪑 Fix Up, Look Sharp… how DarioHealth’s new device aims to detect slouching and improve posture

… and finally

🖥️ NHSX Chief Digital Office Tara Donnelly reflects on the potential for digital to accelerate elective recovery

What to Listen to 🔊

The Healthtech Podcast: The Story of Cipher Skin with Dr Shaka Bahadu

This week, James is joined by Dr. Shaka Bahadu, healthcare operations expert, clinical informatician, and COO and co-founder of Cipher Skin…

NHS National Innovation Collaborative podcast - Becoming England’s most digitally advanced NHS region.

NHSX have recently launched the National Innovation Collaborative podcast series. In the first episode, Dr Michael Marsh and Dr Stephen Trowell share their vision for making the South West the most digitally advanced region in the country.

Opportunities 💰

🗓️ Task management start-up Infinity Health are looking for a Full-Stack Developer