🐦 #50: A socially-distanced commute? Ask Google...

Hey friends,

This week, Google aim to bring social distancing to your everyday commute, can reusable surgical masks become a thing of reality, and does AI have a role to play in translating brain activity to speech?

News Bites 🥪

🚉 Google Maps trials new feature to help users check how crowded their public transport commute is likely to be

🎓 WebMD acquires patient education company Wellness Network, aims to improve flow of information between patients and providers

🤝 Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust partners with digital transformation experts Agilisys to unlock the potential of healthcare data

😷 Mackwell Health and Whitebox join forces in bid to combat the problem of single-use, disposable PPE

📖 The Royal College of Physician’s (RCP) Future Healthcare Journal has published a review article looking at recent breakthroughs in AI & Healthcare

and finally…

🗣️ New NEJM paper highlights potential for AI to decode speech directly from brain activity in paralysed individuals

What to Listen to 🔊

The Healthtech Podcast: The Story of Luscii, with Professor Daan Dohmen, CEO

This week, James is joined by Daan Dohmen, CEO at Luscii. Luscii is a leader in remote healthcare monitoring solutions for hospitals. With the Luscii app, patients measure their own vitals and educate themselves at home, safely guided by caregivers when needed..

MedTech Monday - Data and Entrepreneurship: Hand in Hand

Host Danielle Sturm is joined by Kate MacNamee, director of design research at Ximedica, a medical device development company. The pair discuss data collection and advanced statistics within medical technologies and devices…

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