🐦 #52: What’s your Humanity Score?

Hey friends,

This week, London-based startup Palta secures funding to cofound and build more digital health companies, cough into your phone to test for Covid-19 and imagine the Waze traffic app but instead for navigating through life. Surrey builds AI to identify anti-ageing compounds paving the way towards extending lifespan and do you think that our brains are different from mice?

News Bites 🥪

💪 Serial digital health cofounding company Palta raises $100 million to expand their portfolio of products

💉 Oxford Heartbeat secures £1.5M to support surgeons prepare & execute high-risk brain-stenting surgery

Humanity launches ‘slow your ageing’ app in the UK enabling users to navigate their way to a healthier, longer life

😷 Cough into your smartphone’s microphone and forget about uncomfortable lateral flow and PCR tests

🧠 Neuroscientists create the most detailed (and beautiful) 3D map of the mammalian brain to help advance artificial intelligence

and finally…

👶 University of Surrey team builds AI to find chemical compounds that promote healthy ageing

What to Listen to 🔊

The Healthtech Podcast: The Story of the American Heart Association with Dr Jennifer Hall

This week, James is joined by Dr Jennifer Hall, the Chief of Data Science and the co-director of the Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine at the American Heart Association. Dr Hall leads initiatives at the intersection of health, technology and science to fulfil the promise of precision medicine…

Digital Health Unplugged: Does data save lives?

In this episode, the panel discusses the government's draft data strategy, Data Saves Lives: Reshaping health and care with data. Tune in to hear more about the strategy, what the strategy got right, what it got wrong and what it was missing…

Opportunities 💰

🎮 Cognitant, an award-winning healthtech startup that enables healthcare professionals to prescribe immersive and engaging health information are recruiting for several roles. Join them on their mission of empowering people with clear, reliable health information.

🛠 Wellcome is looking for a Senior Manager: Digital Equity to improve the inclusivity and reach of data science and digital tools.

🦾 The Health Intelligence team at Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK) invites people from a wide range of backgrounds (e.g. biology, healthcare, ML, UX) to join their two-year residency program.