🐦 #57: An Apple (Watch) a day...

Hey friends, 

This week, Apple announces plans to add further health monitoring capabilities to the Apple Watch, digital health giants Babylon expand virtual consultation provision in Rwanda, and should healthtech start-ups have doctors in their senior leadership team?

News Bites 🥪

🍎 Apple plans to add blood pressure, thermometer monitoring to next Apple Watch

🧬 Medical genetics company Invitae acquires digital health record startup Ciitizen in $325m deal

🇷🇼 Babylon expands operations in Rwanda, looks to support individuals without cellphones

🛡️ Caldicott Guardians to become mandatory in all health and social care organisations by 2023

🖥️ A new systematic review published in Lancet Digital Health has looked at patient attitudes towards clinical AI: broadly positive, but some reservations?

… and finally

👩‍⚕️ Medic Footprints founder Dr Abeyna Bubbers-Jones on why all healthtech firms should hire a doctor in their leadership team

What to Listen to 🔊

The Healthtech Podcast: The Story of Better Therapeutics with Kevin Appelbaun and David Perry

Better Therapeutics is a nutritional cognitive behavioural (CBT) therapy software that aims to treat conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. This week, James is joined by co-founder & CEO, Kevin Appelbaum, and co-founder & chairman, David Perry…

Big Picture Medicine: Overnight Success - Dr Yusuf Sherwani (CEO QuitGenius)

Mustafa is joined by Dr Yusuf Sherwani, co-founder and CEO of QuitGenius — a digital clinic for addiction…

Opportunities 💰

🤸‍♀️ Self-care start-up Healthily are recruiting for a Data Analyst

👩‍🔬 The University of Warwick are looking for two Digital Health Research Fellows