🐦 004: Lyra raise $110M & post-Brexit medical device regs explained

The 1 minute healthtech roundup

Hey friends,

This week, Lyra raises $110M, Apple/Google announce that their phones will have a built in COVID-19 tracing tool and new UK medical device regulations are announced.

News Bites 🥪

🧠 Mental health startup Lyra raises $110M at $1.1 billion valuation

🦠 COVID-19 tracing tool to be built into Apple/Google phones

👩‍⚖️ New UK medical device regulation post-Brexit (an explainer)

💊 The Lancet’s front page makes an important statement

👨‍⚕️ Surgeons and mental health support: “Don’t wait until you are broken”

What to Listen to 🔊

The Health-tech Podcast — #127: The Story of Ibex Medical Analytics with Joseph Mossel

Joseph Mossel is CEO and Co-Founder of Ibex Medical Analytics, a next generation cancer diagnostics startup aiming to reduce diagnostic error and improve patient care.

Emotion Lab — #004: VR and psychophysiology research

Stephen Fairclough is a Professor of Psychophysiology. His background covers neuroscience, psychophysiology and human-computer interaction. This episode covers Stephen’s psychophysiology research, how VR can be used in this field and the important issue of data privacy. 

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