#37: "Alexa, when can I get my COVID vaccine?"

Hey friends,

Diabetes reversal start-up Virta Health raises big, deep-learning model shows promise in automating sleep staging, and wondering when you’ll get your vaccine? Why not ask Alexa?

News Bites 🥪

💉 Diabetes reversal company Virta Health raises $133m in Series E funding

🫀 Interventional cardiology start-up Moray Medical nets $5.7m in seed funding

👨‍💻 Proximie raises further $38m to develop AR in surgery

🤖 Digital transformation consultancy Answer and London Medical Imaging and AI Centre for Value-Based Healthcare team up to scale AI within the NHS

😴 Not such a snooze fest after all: deep-learning system automates sleep analysis for individuals with sleep disorders

And finally…

🗣️ “Alexa, when can I get my COVID vaccine?”

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Opportunities 💰

1️⃣  Google Health are looking for a UX designer