🐦 001: Healthtech Pigeon begins!

The 1 minute healthtech roundup

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This week, GPT-3 blows everyones’ mind, Oxford COVID-19 trials look promising and the European Commission investigates Google’s Fitbit acquisition.

News Bites 🥪 

💰 Teladoc Health reaches agreement to buy Livongo in a $18.5 billion deal

🤯 OpenAI launched an incredibly powerful AI tool (GPT-3) which is blowing everyones’ mind 

🙏 Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine trials ‘look promising’ according to the Economist

👊  European Commission to investigate Google’s Fitbit acquisition

💯 Dr Charlotte Lee (UK Director of Big Health) was profiled on MobiHealthNews 

What to Listen to 🔊 

The Health-tech Podcast — #119: Do No Harm with Robyn Symon

Doctors are our healers, yet they have the highest rate of suicide among any profession. DO NO HARM is a new film which premiered at the Cleveland International Film Festival and uncovers our sick healthcare system. 

This week, James talks to the film’s creator Robyn Symon.

Medicine and the Machine — Dr Anthony Fauci

Dr Eric Topol talks to Dr Anthony Fauci who is leading the US’s coronavirus response. 

“We’re going to get through it”

Events 🧠 

Thursday 27th August: Publicize Connect: Healthtech -- an online event that connects the media and healthtech startups

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